Tuesday, February 12, 2008

February Truth Action Day

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Living in Newfoundland during the winter is a tough situation to deal with when you try to plan events. After all the promotion, all of my excitement and a shear devotion to finally get out there and spread truth, a flurry of snow decides to hit the capitol city on the very night truth action on the island was set to begin... not that I was about to let a few flakes (well quite a few flakes) of snow slow me down.

About 1 hour before the event was to start, I pinned my '9/11 Truth Now' sign to my bag and called a cab to take me to the University. When it finally pulled up to the doors, my heart was racing and I no idea what to expect when I entered. After all, even though I've been doing armchair activism online for nearly 2 years now (see Canada Wants 9/11 Truth), last night was my first real face to face action.

After meeting my friend (and 'partner in crime' with both the NL 9/11 Truth Movement and Anti-Entertainment whose support I truly appreciate) I took off my coat and with my 'Truth Now' sign pinned bag strapped around my shoulder, I walked the halls of MUN handing out copies of LCFC to anyone who I passed along the way... and I gotta say that the reception was amazing. I only had 3 people turn down the free DVD and I managed to give away just under 50 (which was all I had time to burn before the event) of them in minutes. It would been quicker if I didn't hold on to some for any folks who may have shown to the screening. A lot of the folks just took the DVD and went on, but some did ask questions and others said 'Bravo'. One guy even came back to ask what it was all about and I had a nice chat about the true events that day. It was amazing. I felt so alive.

As for the screening of Loose Change itself, well that went ahead as planned and even though only 5 people showed, I still consider it a success. When you're dealing with a topic such as this, every minute of action is a success. Last night was no different. We set up shop in room 2105 in the science building of MUN and after a delay of about 15 minutes (just to give any snow stranded stragglers a chance) we began the film and our journey into the world of street (or in this case halls of a university) action here in St. John's. After the 2 hours was up, the few folks who showed up were mesmerized what what they had just saw. The look on the face of one friend after it was all over made me think about what I must have looked like after I was introduced to the truth; doughy eyed, confused, agitated... awake. It was beautiful. It was inspiring. It was real...

All in all, I'm very happy over how our initiation into the monthly international truth action day turned out. It's only the beginning after all and next month will be bigger. I already received an email from an interested person wanting to help out after seeing a sign a MUN. She didn't even know NL 9/11 Truth existed... but it does and it's strong and it's only just begun. One person can make a difference, 2 people can create sparks, 3 people can initiate change and a group of like minded active folks can set that change into motion.

Until next month, I'll be in touch. We'll be in touch.

In truth,

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Monday, February 4, 2008

FREE Screening of Loose Change Final Cut

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Please join us for this free screening and our own participation in the monthly Worldwide Truth Action day.