Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sidewalk street action comes to St. John's

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I'm finally getting out and hitting the streets in May. Armchair truth action is great and all, but it's time for me to get off my ass and reach out to the non internet world. It's on a Sunday this time around, which for my schedule is a good thing. I plan on burning as many copies of random 9/11 documentaries as I can by the 11th and just walking the streets handing them out, by myself or not. I also plan to get sidewalk chalk and 'taggin' the city. If I get time to do info sheets, I'll do that as well...

Key locations I'm spreading truth; St. John's city hall, parliament building, war memorials, churches. It's going to be a lovely walk, if nothing else! This city is beautiful.

If anyone out there wants to help out, be it donate DVD's or just walk with me, please contact me anytime.

If you need inspiration, scroll down and watch the video in the previous post...

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The 11th of Every Month... Until Justice

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On May 11th, NL 9/11 Truth will hit the streets...

Stay Tuned