Sunday, May 11, 2008

International 9/11 Truth Action - May 11th, 2008

Today, May 11th, members of Newfoundland Labrador 9/11 Truth hit the streets taking part in the International 9/11 Truth action day... despite being hit by snow, sleet and rain along the way.

The journey started at a local NATO / UN war monument where we stood and held up signs to oncoming traffic. It wasn't long before we got a first honk of support, though most people just looked on in a seemingly state of confusion.

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After about 10 minutes a group of young people, perhaps 20 of them all in their early teens, walked by and I approached them to have a conversation about the events of 9/11. This was the first highlight of the day, as they all seemed very interested in what we had to say and asked many questions before moving on to wherever they were going. Some of the people even brought up interesting truth facts about that day before I even had a chance to say anything ("The Bushes and Bin ladens are like this" one said as he crossed his fingers indicating that they were close), which of course was music to my ears. The more people awake in this generation of people, the better I say!

Unfortunately, it was here that the sleet and rain started... but, we pushed on to the next location. We moved to the Basilica Cathedral of St. John the Baptist where to stood for a while and had a very lovely chat with two people passing by who were very open to the idea of 9/11 Truth and aware of the true events that day, citing that they believed that 9/11 was an Inside Job.

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On our way to the Colonial building, we had another lengthly discussion with a man who was waiting at a stop light with us. He was on the fence about the whole idea, but was very knowledgeable about everything involved. Most of what he discussed revolved around the Pentagon attack which was his smoking gun of it all. Even though he didn't really know what to believe, it was refreshing just to hear him talking about it and being so aware.

The Colonial building was just a pit stop for us. We were starting to get very cold and wet at this point and because the building was so far back from the road, my shirt and sign would have been useless. We took a pic anyway....

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At this point, we decided to cut the march a little short as the rain and sleet was chilling us to the bone. Our final activity of the day was walking down the busiest street in downtown St. John's to spread the word and hand out DVD's to people passing buy... which, unfortunatly due to the weaather, there were few.

As we reached a stop light and waited to cross, we heard a female voice across from behind us screaming 'Woo-Hoo'. We turned our attention to the voice and when she noticed that she got our attention, she yelled out "ZeitGeist. Woo-Hoo". I yelled back that I agreed that that documentary was a good one and she continued to yell out to us from across the street giving us her support; "Now that's an activist" she said "Getting out there even in the snow!". "That's right. The 11th of Every Month Until Justice" I yelled out over the passing cars before moving across the street.

Before calling it a day and going back home to get warm, we had one final stop I wanted to make; The Masonic Temple... just for kicks.

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Though there were only 2 of us out there getting active, the weather was crappy and very few people were out walking to hand DVD's to, the day was a total success. We had no confrontations, no back-talking and literally nothing negative happen. It was a wonderful experience and I hope that people out there who were driving by get inspired and get out there with us next month. We'll have better weather, bigger signs and be out there longer. I hope to see you there!

So, unless justice and truth prevail, we'll see you on June 11th.

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ted shackley said...

i live in st.john's, i've been passing out some docs to stangers at drive thrus, like loose change fc, endgame blueprint for global enslavement, and a few others, my plan now is to pass out architect richard gage's '911 blueprint for truth' + '911 press for truth' + loose change fc, as DVDs, and then a dvd maybe with 911 webster tarpley pres, and some non 911 things for an intro or easier to accept things for the non initiated intro the darker side of the control grid.

keep up the work, i have no idea how many other newfs know of these types of things, ntv and cbc are trying to keep folks comatose, comment with or estimate from folks u kno.

ted shackley said...

also, i heard of u on truth revolution radio with cosmos i belive, he was saying something about 'new fin lind' truth action so i looked around for NL truth... and indeed that was u guys.

Stephen Eli Harris said...

Ted!! It's so awesome that you wrote. I had no idea that you were out there, but I sure am happy that you are. We should meet up sometime and plan some co-operative action...

... In fact, come with us on our June excursion if you can. We're doing some Signal Hill 9/11 Truth Action, starting at 6pm. I'll post about it in a little while.

Either way, email me.

Keep up the excellent work!