Thursday, June 5, 2008

Signal Hill Truth Action - Wed, June 11th

I'm late getting this posted, which is really sad, but if anyone is wondering, Yes, NL 9/11 Truth is hitting the streets yet again in June. It's on a Wednesday this time around so we're going to do some evening action, starting around 6pm. The plan for this month is to again meet at the NATO war memorial and then proceed to walk up Signal Hill. When there, we're going to stick around and hand out DVD's to any of the many who take a trip up there each day. I figure we'll reach out to the tourists, love birds and pot-smokers this time around.

If anyone wants to join us, please contact me or meet us at 6pm. I know there are others our there who feel the need as much as me. Lets come together in numbers.

Here's this months Map...

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If it's a nice day, it should a very lovely walk. Come on out!

The Truth Will Set Us Free!!

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