Sunday, February 21, 2010

Email Truth Action - Follow up

After spending my friday evening emailing every Architect and/or Engineer  I could find in this province and then entire House of Assembly here, I focused my emailing efforts on our MP's today (even though they're all on vacation due to Mr. Harpers decision to dodge accountability and prorogue government).  What began as an email to only the NL MP's evolved into a sending of the AE911Truth press release to EVERY member of Parliament in Canada.

I fully expect not ONE response...

In other news, I did receive a response from one soul from the couple hundred I emailed on Friday.  This particular individual wanted nothing to do with what I was sharing (as to be expected) but it's unfortunate because this particular individual is in a position to teach our youth.  Want to know what he said in response to my call for them to do the right thing?  See below:

The right thing to do here is nothing.

I do not believe for a second that the destruction of the  World Trade Centre was anything other than a terrorist attack.

The collapse occurred in a manner consistent with the huge fireball caused by aircraft heavily loaded with fuel and there are witnesses and perpetrators who have corroborated the attack.

Please do not contact me on this matter again.

Dan Walker, Ph.D., P.Eng.
Associate Professor
Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering

While I will not be emailing him anymore (though I will be visiting the Engineering building soon and hopefully will run into him in person), if anyone else wants to do so, is the contact address.

Many people have a hard time dealing with these facts.  Richard Gage himself only woke up 3 years ago and was completely oblivious to the thought until he actually looked at the evidence.  There is no doubt that these facts are hard to face... but we must and people like Dan must even more.  Maybe he just needs more information.  Because he's asked me not to contact him anymore, I will not.  I replied to him once and that will be it from me.  He didn't say anything about anyone else doing so though.  Maybe you'll have better luck reaching him.


john said...

Thanks so much for all your efforts, Stephen. I think change is happeneing but it is very incremental and thus oftentimes uphill.
As to the teacher, well teachers are supposed to teach the status quo and most teachers do not have the courage or foresight to break from the pack.
I just discovered your blog-keep up the good work.