Friday, March 19, 2010

Random Updates

I've been busy on the main Canadians For 9/11 Truth blog (and the forum) as of late but thought it about time I get on here and share a few updates.  I'll try not to rant...

First and foremost, discussions are being had about a get together of some sort in the near future.  If nothing else, just for a night to share with like minded folks but could evolve into anything like discussions of future awareness campaigns we can do.  Stay tuned for details.

Secondly, an update on my email campaign to about 150 architects and/or engineers in our fine province here.  There's not much to report actually.  Only 5 people even bothered to write me back.  I'll give it more time because there is lots to digest and I'm sure some are flabbergasted right now.  Meanwhile, 133 more Architects and Engineers have signed on to the petition at since I first emailed everyone.  I'm not sure if any one of the people I emailed signed it or not, but I have to hold on to the thought that at least one did.  

Time will tell!