Thursday, April 15, 2010

April Truth Action Day - Poster Action

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I've been trying to find the time to post about my participation in April's Truth Action Day for for quite a few days now, but have only now found the time.  Better late than never right?  

This month I decided to dedicate my time to a poster Day here in Newfoundland and what a day I picked!  It was absolutely gorgeous outside and walking the streets of downtown was quite a joy.  I spent several hours in fact on Sunday afternoon in beautiful sunshine (albeit very windy) putting up random posters on every space I could find.  Because of the JUNO's being here this week, I thought it to be quite important to have some blurbs of truth everywhere in hopes that the influx of people would catch some of them. I've consentrated on the downtown core with a boat load of a variety of different posters. They were all very plain, simple and to the point; basically just random phrases in big bold letters like "9/11 Truth - Google It" or "Where are the REAL Journalists - REPORT 9/11 Truth" and even "1169 Architects and Engineers agree that WTC Twin Towers were Controlled Demolitions" or better yet "Investigate 9/11 - WTC 7 didn't just Blow itself Up". That last one happens to be one of my favs...

Also, in honor of the JUNO's being hosted in St. John's I even created a new poster which I plastered all over the all popular George Street (where many if not all the music folk will be visiting during the week long celebration I'm sure) which simply said "ROCKSTARS WANTED" in quite large bold font. Below that in smaller text read "To expose the Truth about September 11th 2001".

All in all, it was a great day and I feel fantastic for getting out there. Downtown St. John's is looking a heck of a lot nicer with these messages of truth spread through-out... if I do say so myself.

Having said that, there are some posters that I'd actually like to take down again.  It seems that the information has been violently apposed... not that this is a surprise.  I say this because somebody (or bodies) decided to take it upon themselves to write crude messages on the posters.  I only noticed this because I happened to be walking by a couple days later, but I'm glad I did notice.  This way, at least I know people are seeing them, no matter how they react.   The reason why I now want to take them down is because I really don't want kids who may be in the area reading the very vulgar language written on them.  It's not nice.  The people who didn't like what they read could have at least just ripped it down, like others I seen.  I mean, that way the populace wouldn't be subjected to such language in a public area.  I personally have no problem with the language myself but I know others do.  Its too bad some people don't respect that fact and see it to be okay to write such things throughout the city.  What can you do I guess?

Regardless, Truth Action Day for April was fantastic and I'm sure I'll keep in touch with the happenings of May.  Maybe I'll run into some of these people who just do not want this information spread.

In the meantime, peace to all.